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Smile Coin is a powerful crypto technology that seamlessly allows users to transact with prediction and gaming platforms with a single currency.

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Unlock Crypto Prediction Markets

All-in-one currency for prediction markets

Use SMILE to earn cash, harvest coins, and get exclusive rewards by predicting crypto markets.

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A Featured Smile Coin Network App

Harvest coins and earn rewards by predicting crypto, stocks, Esports, and more.

Harvest SMILE on Grin

Powering the First Ever Personal Gaming Ledger

SMILE is your portal into the world of gaming - a simple way for players to fund their account with more transparency, and for gaming companies to configure and implement currency seamlessly.

SMILE Wallet

The Key to Your Gaming Future

A SMILE wallet allows users to connect to gaming platforms in order to manage, analyze, and optimize gaming profits.

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The Future

A Currency That Funds Fun

Use the Smile Portfolio to track all of your gains across the platforms in the Smile Coin network to manage your gaming transactions.

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Decentralized Gaming is Here

A Unified Portfolio

Your portfolio shows your balances, transaction, and performance history across all platforms you interact with on the Smile Coin network.

Transparency in Performance

You don’t need to doubt whether or not you’re up or down. Smile Coin is transparent with your transactions so you can make the clearest decisions to win.

Decentralized Network

Smile Coin allows you to deposit or withdraw directly through the network. You don't need to go through a bank or intermediary financial institution.

Staking for Rewards

Incentives are used to ensure the longevity and health of the Smile Coin network and ecosystem. The incentive mechanism provides financial gains for those who stake in our currency.

Exclusive Extensions

Smile Coin offers exclusive extensions to other platforms within the network. This enables gaming applications to scale and provide funding without dealing with regulatory agents.

Streamlined Financing

Banking and payment processing is notoriously difficult for businesses in the gaming space. Smile Coin offers a seamless way around payment processor restrictions around the globe.

Use SMILE on Tomorrow’s Gaming Ecosystems

Smile Coin isn’t just digital money. It’s a fairer way for players and gaming companies to take in deposits and withdraw winnings without the hassle of complex and unfair domestic banking regulations.

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