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The Future of Decentralized Gaming Payment Infrastructure

Smile Coin is built by a team of passionate and committed systems designers, engineers, cryptographers, solutions architects, and researchers.

The Smile Coin Vision

We envision gaming companies to transact without the hassle of complex and onerous payment processing and give users tools to manage their data in a fair, secure, and transparent way.

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Blockchain technology for tomorrow’s gaming ecosystems.

Smile Coin’s will fundamentally transform the way businesses and users transact on gaming apps by developing next-generation blockchain technology for tomorrow’s gaming ecosystems. Smile Coin is built to solve high fees, slow payment processing, and unfair domestic banking regulations in the gaming industry.

Founded by Some of the Gaming Industry’s Foremost Builders

Get to know the team behind the scenes designing systems and writing the latest De-Fi code.

Nick Bucheleres


University of Michigan-trained machine learning engineer with professional experience in high-frequency futures trading and odds prediction at the Chicago BoT. Machine learning patent holder from work with companies like Apple and venture-backed startups.


Ali El-Assy


Ali is a high-energy Project Manager with extensive experience in tech startups, engineering, planning, and execution for innovative projects with budgets up to $1B. Established a proven track record with entities spanning from startups to governmental agencies.


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